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Pieces of lingerie you should try

When your sex life is turning into a boring routine it is time to add something new to the game. Many people choose to introduce sex toys or different positions in their usual love-making inventory.

Others go to extreme lengths by adding extra partners to their bed or by joining orgy parties. However, the answer might be a lot simpler than that and sometimes all you need is a new piece of lingerie to spice up your sexual experiences. Here are a few of the kinkiest lingerie costumes that you should try:

Give role-playing uniforms a go

Everyone has their own fantasies involving various uniforms. Whether you get turned on by sexy nurses, dominating police officers or hot secretaries, there is always a piece of lingerie that imitates the kinkiest dream models. Ask your partner to join you in an improvised play with look-alikes of your favorite professions. Escorts have large collections of this type of lingerie and you can easily try out your favorite fantasy with them.

Everything looks better on heels

No matter what a sexy escort choses to wear above her knees, adding heels to her costume will make the whole picture even more attractive. Shoes count more like accessories to a kinky sex date. Still, they make any piece of lingerie look better. Many hot girls make good use of heels to highlight the firm features of their butts and legs.

Go back to the basics

The wide variety of lingerie costumes that is available today makes us forget about the classic pieces that used to excite people only a few decades ago. You can add something new to your sex life with the help of vintage models of lingerie.

Corsets, stockings and stiletto heels might look like the wardrobe of an escort from the 1970s, but they add a simple touch of class to a kinky foreplay. Paid companions know that guys prefer simple outfits over detailed pieces of lingerie, which is why they always have these classic costumes in their inventory.


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